Oldal kiválasztása


Dear Mothers, Mothers-to-be, Fathers and all Followers,


Time has come to get together and together we do create the possibility of public information regarding not only the available genetic testing that is comprehensive and objective but also the various genetic testing types that is free of charge and thus available for every mother-to-be.

Please, devote precious time now and do sign this petition!

Think of our children, since we do all this on behalf of them!

Thank you!


Welcome to our website!

My name is Anna Sevcsik M., the starter of this movement.

It was my personal involvement and my very own experience that showed the utmost importance of the information spreading concerning the different types of the available genetic testing that should somehow reach an even growing number of people. About my story You can read here.

The main goals of our movement are as follows:

– The importance of the genetic testing,

– to reach and thus inform the mothers/parents-to-be, the expectants about all the possible information on their future babies.

Our experiences very sadly show, however, that in the course of the prenatal care the pregnant women are mostly informed solely about the obligatory examinations, while about the optional/alternative exam types rarely ever – or significantly less. Thus, we are on the opinion that every pregnant woman and parent-to-be has the right to obtain objective information so that they receive all the important information in time.

Besides, we consider it as of paramount significance that this informative communication regarding genetic testing types should gain more attention and be realized on national level. We fight for this aim, as well.

Our emphasized goal is to gain national support for the various genetic test types, thus to secure with this for everyone the possibility to live with this opportunity (if they opt for it).

Moreover, You are invited to put your questions to our professionals if You did not dare/did not have the chance to ask your own doctor/district nurse previously. With all the information on our website, with all the talks on our programs, family events we aim to provide enough,

professional and satisfactory information for all the involved people, so that they later know whom to turn to for support/help.

Therefore, we strive for the collaboration of the institutions in talk, and the tightest, most effective cooperation between them – so, demonstrating a collaboration that is worth following.

Important for us is further to accept different human decisions, and to support people the best we can on the different roads they take.